Two words – synchronous fireflies!synchronous fireflies.jpg

My mom (also a lover of the Smokies) told me about these fireflies and I thought…what?  She’s crazy. After some research I found that, NOPE, she wasn’t crazy after all.  I found some information at the National Park Service website about these beauties.  Did you know they are only found in two places in the world?  Yeah, me neither!  They run trollies to the area but those trolley tickets sell out lightning fast.  I tried.  They sold out.

Well, my favorite business in the Smokies NEVER lets us down.  I contacted A Walk in the Woods after seeing something on their Facebook page about firefly night hikes.  We set up our guided hike.  Our family of 5 (mom, dad and kids ages 12, 10, and 4) met our guide, Jaimie.  We followed her to a quiet spot a bit farther out and began our trek at dusk.  Our trail was an old railroad bed leftover from the logging days.  Jaimie shared so much history of the area as well as plenty of facts about nature.  The kids were all completely engaged and mom and dad were happy (no bickering!).  A Walk in the Woods never disappoints.  We have hiked with them many times in the last 5 years and always see, do and learn something new.

Once it got dark, we sat down, turned off our flashlights and enjoyed the show.  I really wish I could paint an accurate picture of what that was like….but one must experience it first hand to really know what it’s like.  If you’re in the area in late May-mid June, our family HIGHLY suggests you check out these beauties for yourself.  If you like to play the lotto, try your luck at getting trolley tickets to the “show” or, better yet, contact my friends at A Walk in the Woods for a guided hike and an experience you won’t forget.