So…you did the moonshine tastings, did you?  You left with more moonshine than you know what to do with, huh?  We’ve got a great cocktail-ish idea to help you use that yummy stuff!   We used Peach Moonshine because that’s what we had on hand, but any favorite flavor should work!   One of our favorite Moonshine Shops is Doc Collier’s on the north end of Downtown Gatlinburg (But who are we kidding?  We’ll drink anyone’s moonshine!)


1 oz  peach flavored moonshine (or whatever you’ve got)

tennessee peach
Tennessee Peach



1 bottle/can of your favorite light beer/lager


Now, here’s where you need to pay attention…okay, kidding…it’s super easy!

Step one: Pour your beer into your favorite glass

Step two:  Add an ounce of that flavored moonshine

Step three: Enjoy!

We made these for my mom on Mother’s Day. She loves her some mountains and some moonshine…naming credits go to her.  Thanks, Momma!

Let us know what flavors you’ve tried!